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         Supplier of wholesale crystal products at very competitive prices!         

We are well established (30 years) wholesale distributors of a variety of crystal products, both quality rough and polished quartz crystal. We also supply crystal jewellery, bracelets, crystal runes & chakra sets, word affirmation stones, hearts and other related crystal gift items.
As well we have 3+ ranges of quality rainbow chandelier crystal prisms.

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We buy at source for many of the best prices.
We are a well established business situated in central Auckland, New Zealand, and have been trade suppliers of these types of products for over 30 years. We have built up a good reputation both in New Zealand and overseas.

If you are a business or reseller, email us at with your details and how you qualify for wholesale.
Minimum order requirements as per normal wholesale. 


Shakti Products t/a Crystals Ltd:
By appointment only - for wholesale customers.
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