Over 30 years of wholesaling crystals - excellent price/quality combination.

Wholesale Crystal Products Website - Wholesale only.

Restricted access to trade resellers - minimum order requirements


If you are a retailer/reseller or crafts person involved in reselling, please contact us by email  for pricing/ordering information.

We are wholesalers only and do not sell to the public.
There is a minimum order amount of $200 (+gst & freight).

We are very busy with orders, and our direct website ordering has not been enabled yet.
But our email, etc ordering system is pretty good, so for direct ordering and catalogue/pricelists please.....

Contact us at sales@crystals.co.nz with your details, and we will get back to you.

There is no need to set up a login etc on the website at this stage because we handle all ordering directly with you.

Tony & Dinya
Shakti Products - Crystals Ltd.