Over 30 years of wholesaling crystals - excellent price/quality combination.

Wholesale Crystal Products Website - Wholesale only.

Restricted access to trade resellers - minimum order requirements



If you are a retailer/reseller, please contact us by email, with your qualifying details, for pricing/ordering information.

Note: Our website is not set up for online ordering or accounts at this stage as we are too busy at present. So just contact us directly by email for more information.

We are wholesalers only and do not sell to the public.
There is a minimum order amount of $250 (+gst & freight).

Our email, etc ordering system is pretty good, so for direct ordering and catalogue/pricelists please.....

Contact us at sales@crystals.co.nz with your details, and we will get back to you.

You won't be able to use the online ordering system at this stage. So there is no point in setting up a login etc on the website at this stage as the function is mostly disabled.
For now we handle all ordering directly with you by email.

Tony & Dinya
Shakti Products - Crystals Ltd.